Why fatraven? (What is in it for me?)

Imagine an AI based software that brings to you viable solutions to all your talent market based queries giving a holistic view of valuable information about the post pandemic market recovery trends in the labor market.
fatraven encompasses a full view of competitors’ market stance, pivotal focus on hiring hot spots, a comparative analysis of the market need vs. the market demand and much more at the click of a button.
fatraven offers a host of valuable information and factual insights about the current market demands to the following segments:
For Decision Makers:
For Recruiters:
For Staffing Agencies:
Talent Acquisition has never been made easy as fatraven is the right blend of solutions and Tools using AI as a strategic approach to help, make smart business decisions, execute objective job campaigns and thus enhances ROI by many folds. Follow us on our LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fatraven to keep yourself updated about current market trends, new insights and the latest facts about Talent Market and Recruitment Analytics.