Data-Driven Decision Making

Labour market intelligence

What is fatraven intel?

The United Kingdom’s largest Talent Market analytics tool that can give you in-depth insights into the recruitment market in real-time.

Our data pack is loaded with plenty of information that can aid decision-makers to come up with effective decision making.

What do we offer?

After in-depth analysis and collecting intel on the most useful metrics for decision-makers in staffing and recruiting companies we have come up with the following:
Our Expertise is developing data-driven analytics that is specialised for the labour market in the UK, having worked with some of the top companies in the United Kingdom we speak your language to give you the most critical business metrics in the staffing and recruitment industry.
We also have the largest database of vacancies, we collect close to 1.5 million vacancy jobs on a monthly basis. This enables us to provide real-time market trends of the UK’s labour market.

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Talent Market overview:

A real-time high-level snapshot of the trend of the labour market, Top regions/ sectors and their growth.

  • Get Real-time data for decision making in the sector of your choice.
  • Filter Data by Agency/ Direct job postings
  • Drill down and get insights by Sector / Region with the click of a button
  • Compare Month-over-month growth by Sector / Region.
  • Compare month-over-month growth by Agency/ Direct job postings 

Agency Discovery:

Discover existing markets by their frequency of job listings in their corresponding job boards.

  • Analyse and classify postings by top job boards.
  • Get a historic job posting timeline that can go as back as January 2020.   
  • Know dominant regions by share and growth compared to the previous period by the agency. 
  • Know their sectoral share and growth over the years.

Competitor analysis: 

Analyse your competitors in the labour market for the sector/region of your choice.

  • Know who are your competition in the sector/region of your choice. 
  • Get information on how the labour market is distributed by sector. 
  • Know the competitive landscape that is upcoming by finding out how they have grown recently. 
  • Know the market share of your competition by sector/ region. 

Regional Hotspots: 

Know real-time labour market opportunities in the sector/region of your choice. 

  • Get real-time updates on the opportunities that are available in the labour market. 
  • Get an in-depth view of direct hiring requirements. Identify the companies that are in dire need of manpower. 
  • Filter down direct postings by sector/region of your choice to uncover the top companies posting directly on job boards. 
  • Use data-driven decision making to get new potential clients and increase ROI. 

Job Board Analysis

Know real-time labour market opportunities in the sector/region of your choice. 

  • Statistically decide the best job board that is suitable for job postings. 
  • Discover the highest job postings for the corresponding job boards. 
  • Filter job postings in job boards by Agency / Direct and take decisions accordingly. 
  • Drill down the best job board to post vacancies based on the sectoral/regional requirement of the vacancy on hand. 

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