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What is fatraven Talent Market Intelligence?

The United Kingdom’s largest Talent Market analytics tool that can give you in-depth insights into the recruitment market in real-time.

Our data pack is loaded with plenty of information that can aid decision-makers to come up with effective decision making.

fatraven intel
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Talent Market Intelligence

What is it inside?

Talent Market Overview

Quickly gain insight into the Talent Market movements in real-time. See market distribution, patterns and seasonal trends by REGION, SECTOR and listing type (direct /agencies employers)

Regional Distribution

Drill down to a specific SECTOR, analyse distribution by REGION and labour market trends by DIRECT companies and AGENCIES.

Sector Distribution

Drill down to a specific REGION, analyse distribution by SECTOR and labour market trends by DIRECT companies and AGENCIES

Competitor Intelligence

What is it inside?

Competitive Research:

Analyse your competitors in the labour market for the sector/region of your choice.

Agency Discovery:

Understand your competitors’ strategy, gain a strategic market advantage and grow your market share. Analyse competitors’ market distribution.

Compare Agencies:

Benchmark your competition head-to-head, Compare any two agencies on one page, uncover and analyse distributions and patterns.

Market Opportunity

What is it inside?

Regional Hotspots:

Analyse market distribution of any Company, see distribution by Region, Sector and Job boards.

Client Discovery:

Deep dive into the company posting behaviour, understand seasonal demands. Engage with clients strategically.

Job Board Analysis:

Analyse where direct companies and agencies post job adverts and measure and maximise ROI on job board spending by identifying the right job boards for your sector and region.

The Story Behind fatraven Talent Market Intelligence!

After in-depth analysis and collecting intel on the most useful metrics for decision-makers in staffing and recruiting companies.

Our Expertise is developing data-driven analytics that is specialised for the labour market in the UK, having worked with some of the top companies in the United Kingdom we speak your language to give you the most critical business metrics in the staffing and recruitment industry.

We also have the largest collection of labour market data, we collect close to 1.5 million vacancy jobs on a monthly basis. This enables us to provide real-time market trends of the UK’s labour market.

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