Salary Benchmarking

Keep Your Stakeholders Up-to-Date with the Latest Salary Trends in Their Industry.

What you'll find inside the salary benchmarking:

  • Highest, average and lowest salaries for the desired job position.
  • Average month-over-month growth of yearly salary over the last twelve months.
  • The estimated average yearly salary for the top 10 job titles in the sector of your choice.
  • In-depth insights into the salaries of the specified sector.
  • Average salary, growth and demand for the job title by region.

Salary Benchmarking - A Vital tool to Identify the External Market

Our salary benchmarking tool is AI-powered and scans various information sources multiple times a day. Unlike conventional salary benchmarking tools, fatraven’s data is not derived from a small sample set of data points, It is derived from a huge repository of vacancy data dating back more than a year.

The Magnitude of data used for analysis ensures the most accurate statistical information about the salary stats we present. To ensure accuracy and reliability, fatraven cleans the data by industry and job title to a granular level.

Our team also validates the data to ensure only the accurate and updated information reaches you.

Benefits of Salary Checker Tool

Well, why benchmark salary? What exactly does it entail? The below-given advantages are a clear remark on the vitality of salary checker tool in the Industry:

  • Setting competitive salary packages
  • Proper planning and budgeting for annual salary raises
  • Create impartial and deserving remuneration for the employees
  • Avoid the risk of losing the senior directors

Salary benchmarking job titles can also be an eye-opener for employees and job hunters who can understand if their present or potential salaries are in line with what is generally offered in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we add value by combining your internal data with our market data?

We use cutting edge data science technologies combine with our proprietary analytics algorithms to provide key data-driven insights for employees and decision-makers on business-critical data. You are the owner of your data and we don’t store anything in our servers. Know more about our fatraven Intel
Our AI-powered salary calculator works on exploratory data science that derives accurate salary information from the vast archive of data collected over a long period of time.
From finding talent in the market to improving communication during internal appraisals, enhancing the employee compensation system to attracting new talent, there is a lot that the insights from the salary calculation can bring to an organisation.
Participating in the salary surveys enables companies to conduct adjustments in their compensation and wages. Hence paying fairly to everyone.
Annual compensation is your basic salary plus the amount the company pays as your benefits.
As of April 2021, the minimum wages for workers above the age of 23 should be at least £8.91 per hour.
Minimum wages in the UK for younger workers are lower than for older people. This is because young workers will not have enough experience