Must-have Recruitment Analytics Dashboards to help you grow

A set of powerful Talent Market research dashboards built using state of the art machine learning tools and techniques to allow you to analyse the job market data in near-real-time. Remaining competitive in today’s Talent Market requires fact-based decision making and effective data-driven recruiting strategy, and workforce planning.

fatraven’s Talent Analytics help businesses like yours to make data-driven talent decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Talent Market Dashboards

Track Talent Market movements in real-time, analyze competition by region and sector. See job posting by agencies and direct companies.


Talent Market Overview

  • Understand labour market movement, analyse distribution by region and sector.
  • Drill down to a specific region or sector to get in-depth insights.
  • Analyse labour market trends by direct companies and agencies.

Regional Hotspot

  • Identify regional opportunities, plan your expansion strategy based on data-driven insight.
  • See direct companies hiring activities, identify clients market size and increase ROI by engaging strategically.
  • Stream real-time direct local hiring activities to your team.

Job Board Analysis

  • See where to post your job adverts, manage job board spends and increase the ROI on job boards.
  • Job board distribution by Region and Sector.
  • See where your competitors are posting to drive more candidates.

Competitor Intelligence Dashboards

Better understand your competitors, measure and benchmark your business performance against competitors.  


Competitor Analysis

  • Understand your competitors’ strategy, gain a strategic market advantage and grow your market share.
  • Benchmark, measure your performance against top industry players.
  • Learn from the industry best practices and deliver valuable insights to your team. 

Agency Discovery

  • In-depth analysis of a specific agency.
  • Learn the agency’s regional and sectoral market reach.
  • Identify emerging staffing businesses, analyse performance and buying potentials.