The Most Comprehensive Source of UK's Labour Market Analytics

With fatraven, you can ensure that your staffing and recruiting business is always one step ahead of the competition.

Job Market Research

fatraven offers the job market data you can trust, and quickly gain insight into the Talent Market movements in real-time.

  • Over 65+ million job postings for comprehensive job market research.
  • 200,000+ Direct companies posting jobs online.
  • 22,000+ Recruitment agencies posting jobs online.
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Competitive Research

Understand your competitors' strategy, gain a strategic market advantage and grow your market share.

  • Over 20,000+ agency job postings, trends and distribution.
  • Benchmark, measure your performance against top industry players.
  • Learn from the industry best practices and deliver valuable insights to your team.
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Agency Discovery

Analyse competitors’ market distribution and gain insights.

  • Know your competitor's market size and job posting share.
  • Obtain real-time insights into upcoming competition.
  • Gain a strategic market advantage and grow your market share.
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Compare Agencies

Assess your strength and weakness against your competitors.

  • Benchmark your competition head-to-head.
  • Compare any two agencies on one page.
  • Uncover and analyse distributions and patterns.
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Regional Hotspots

Identify regional opportunities, analyse clients hiring patterns and upselling opportunities, and win clients strategically.

  • Identify regional opportunities, analyse clients hiring patterns.
  • Discover upselling opportunities for existing clients.
  • Stream real-time direct local hiring activities to your team.
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Client Discovery

Increase ROI on your job board spending.

  • Analyse where direct companies and agencies post job adverts.
  • Measure and Maximise ROI on job board spending.
  • UIdentify the right job boards for your sector and region.
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Salary Benchmarking

Keep Your Stakeholders Up-to-Date with the Latest Salary Trends in Their Industry.

  • Get real-time salary information with up-to-date remunerations offered.
  • Analyse using the largest collection of salary data in the UK.
  • Increase job retention and revenue with effective workforce planning.
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