Market Intelligence
  • Talent Market Overview

    Quickly gain insight into the Talent Market movements in real-time. See market distribution, patterns and seasonal trends by region, sector and listing type (direct /agencies employers)

Competitor Intelligence
  • Competitive Research

    Understand your competition, know your competitors market size and job posting share. Analyse information about the agency market and plan expansion strategies.

  • Agency Discovery

    Understand your competitors' strategy, gain a strategic market advantage and grow your market share. Analyse competitors' market distribution.

  • Compare Agencies

    Benchmark your competition head-to-head, Compare any two agencies on one page, uncover and analyse distributions and patterns.

Market Opportunity
  • Regional Hotspots

    Identify regional opportunities, analyse clients hiring patterns and upselling opportunities, win clients strategically.

  • Client Discovery

    Deep dive into the company posting behaviour, understand seasonal demands. Engage with clients strategically.

  • Job Boards Analysis

    Analyse where direct companies and agencies post job adverts and measure and maximise ROI on job board spending by identifying the right job boards for your sector and region.

Salary Benchmarking