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Labour Market Overview, UK – About this Talent Market Dashboard

Remaining competitive in today’s Talent Market requires fact-based decision making along with effective data-driven recruiting strategy & workforce planning. Our tool evidently, provides answers to all important questions about the Talent Market. Most importanlty with precise real-time job market data.

fatraven’s Talent Market Analytics helps you identify emerging trends and the latest job market movements using real-time market data. Additionally, it gives you a clear understanding of  job market distribution by industry and region. Above all, you can also identify regional hot spots and stay ahead of the competition.

What does fatraven Talent Market Analytics Platform offer?

fatraven is undoubtedly the leading Talent Market Analytics platform. Not only we use state of the art AI technologies but also machine learning algorithms. We also provide an all-in-one analytics toolkit for recruiters and decision-makers. Hence, making us their No. 1 choice.

fatraven’s Intel: Firstly, fatraven’s Intel helps decision-makers make informed and intelligent decisions. We use real-time market data to identify and detect business opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

Talent Market intelligence: Secondly, we help them get a holistic view of the UK’s talent market. Identify the maximum jobs posted by Direct Employers/ Agencies. It filters them down by date, region and sector. Subsequently, giving you thousands of combinations of near real-time data.

Competitor Intelligence: Drill down job postings to region and sector. And discover your competition in those regions and sectors. Get insights into your competition’s activities and potential market.

Regional Hotspots: Get a wide range of Job data along with the current job market opportunities in your region and sector. In addition, you also get the information of the most active direct job placements and their requirements to expand your sales pipeline.

fatraven’s Spotter: Lastly, this is a recruitment lead generation tool that helps you find new business opportunities. You can find the right hiring contact & strategically engage your Clients/prospects. Therefore, get hot leads delivered to your inbox once posted online.

Know more about fatraven spotter

fatraven Labour Market Data

We collect job market data in near-real-time. Also, we scan job boards, job aggregators and company websites multiple time every day. It gives you the latest job market information in real-time.

Most importantly, fatraven analytics uses cutting edge machine learning. It aids in identifying the specific needs of recruiters combined with proprietary algorithms. Consequently, giving you conclusive data that can provide actionable insights into the recruitment world, Hence, a must-have tool that offers incredible help for both decision-makers and recruiters.