Free Real-time Website Performance Overview Dashboard

Use this free Google Analytics data studio template to help your digital marketing team keep track and monitor business-critical website performance metrics in real time.


Your website is a minefield of data – make proper use of it to showcase your product/service to more people and increase the number of prospects for your business.

“If your analysis findings aren’t capturing your audience’s attention, you either have the wrong numbers or the wrong audience”

All companies that have a website, add google analytics dashboard as part of your analytics and increase your online presence to funnel relevant audience.

Leverage the most powerful source of data that you have at your disposal. Derive data and insights from your websites and Social Media Pages.

Keep track of Business-critical information in real-time and optimise your website to dramatically increase the reach of your business and drive up revenue and conversions.

What is Web analytics?

Insight is the most valuable tool that any business can have. With insight, you can look analytically at the data you have to determine how best to use it to serve your client’s needs.

Why is it Important?

Measuring activity on your website and social media channels are the best way to increase your reach and invite the relevant audience to showcase your product, increasing sales. All sales work on a simple formula, a number game,(x number of prospects = x number of customers).

What Kind of Insights can you expect to see?

How do I do all the above?

fatraven has you covered. Get our suite of Web analytics dashboards to measure and optimise your online presence with a simple plug and play model which can have your analytics up and running in mere minutes.

Why fatraven website analytics?

Proven track record in web analytics, Car analytics, a database that checks used car history stands as a testament to our success and expertise. With 300K user traffic when the world was hit by COVID-19 is a feat not achieved easily.

Read more about our case study about Car Analytics here

We keep up to date on the latest website algorithms and suggest relevant changes to maintain the top positions while searching for relevant content.

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