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Why Business intelligence platforms for recruitment agencies?

Get rid of your outdated methods like excels and ERPs to monitor your business, get ready for the next disruption/ transformation in monitoring organisational data from multiple locations and departments such as operations, finance and human resource all in one place. 

Get a data-driven and holistic view on all key insights into the functional areas of your business like:

How can we help in terms of BI for staffing agencies?

We can help in creating comprehensive at the same time very insightful reports or active dashboards with all the business-critical metrics and insights from departments like operations, human resources and finance.

Why fatraven Business Intelligence?

Having worked with some of the top names in the staffing industry we speak your language. We can provide insights on the most important metrics for the recruitment industry. We have developed an easy-to-use plug-and-play model that natively integrates with all of your business-critical software to give you meaningful insights. This approach helps you save time and money. We use a buy vs build approach where you just buy the business intelligence pack from us and worry about nothing else. 

What are the metrics look into in operational analytics?

Combine our BI platform with your existing database to get real-time business-critical analytics on all of your important Operational metrics essential for business planning. 

For the staffing industry, we run our data analytics modules on key metrics such as:
Measure all important metrics in real-time like job quality, operational efficiency consultant productivity, churn ratio in an easy-to-use plug-and-play methodology. Reports can be scheduled and sent to decision-makers on a daily or weekly basis. 

What are the metrics look into in financial analytics?

We deliver bespoke Financial analytics by giving real-time and historic data-driven insights into Key Financial Aspects such as EBITDA, Gross profit margin, Team, Accounts Receivables, Fixed & Variable Costs, ROI (JB budget), Berry Ratio, Breakeven analysis etc…

What are the metrics look into in Human Resource Analytics?

As a business ourself we understand the key resource of a company with a stakeholder approach and provide key insights on your internal staff members by connecting to your Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) and popular survey platforms to provide In-depth insights into employee metrics, productivity by the team, employee KPIs, bespoke surveys for human resource enhancement and many more.

How do we add value by combining your internal data with our market data?

We add value to your internal data by leveraging our existing database and analytics of the whole of the United Kingdom and offer critical insights into the overall market comparing them to the same key metrics from your internal operational data. With our key insights derived after analysing over 65 million data points reveals key information and drill down options by: 

How do we process your data?

We use cutting edge data science technologies combine with our proprietary analytics algorithms to provide key data-driven insights for employees and decision-makers on business-critical data. You are the owner of your data and we don’t store anything in our servers. 

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