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What is the difference between executive (C Suite) recruitment and regular recruitment?

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Finding skilled workers who suit a job type is not easy. That is what recruiters are for. They are proficient people who effectively screen out candidates to fill the vacancies. But did you know that there are two effective methods of sourcing talents?

  • Executive (C Suite) recruitment
  • Regular recruitment

Often, we think these two methods are the same. But in fact, they are all two different things.

In this article, we are focusing on casting the differences between executive search and regular recruitment. Read on to know more.

What is Regular recruitment? How does it work?

Regular recruitments are conducted by recruitment agencies who work with companies directly, helping them fill their vacancies. They do a terrific job finding suitable candidates, pre-screening process, scheduling interviews and getting them hired. Other recruitment agencies may not work directly with the companies. They act as a third party dealing with only the job hunters.

What is Executive (C Suite) recruitment? How does it work?

Executive search is hiring for senior-level jobs. This type of hiring is done by executive search companies or headhunting firms that act as a third-party agency. They are primarily niched in a specific sector. Hence, ace in finding those highly-skilled talents that require deliberate assessment and understanding of what the company wants. Executive-level recruitment firms have the responsibility to carry out candidate screening and negotiations. They also have the main job of pursuing the candidates to accept the job position.

The significant differences between executive-level recruitment and regular recruitment

Note: While stating the difference, we will mention regular recruiters as recruiters for an easy tone.

Recruiters find the candidates for a role, while executive recruiters find the exact match for the given position.

This is one of the key differences between the two hires. Recruiters will look to gather up as many candidates as possible; they focus on quantity. On the other hand, executive (C Suite) recruitment emphasis on quality. They will search through the talent pool to find the most qualified candidate to fit the job.

Recruiter looks for active job seekers while executive recruiters seek out even the stagnant pool of talent.

The candidates who are ready to take a new role are called active candidates. Those are the effective targets for recruiters. However, executive search firms will try passive candidates who satisfy with their job and are highly skill.

Recruiters fill all kinds of roles while the executive recruiters fill only the senior or C-level roles.

Jobs that do not require any specialization or technical skills will be the forte of recruiters. At times candidates with considerable skills will also match their specifications. Nevertheless, executive recruiters will look for people with hard to find or technical skills that suit executive-level job positions.

Recruiters look for candidates from their local regions, whereas executive recruiters look on a global level.

Recruiters will seek candidates in the location near or around the employer’s office. However, executive recruiters will search globally as their motive is to fill a senior or C-level position. They will try to conduct salary negotiation and pursue the client to relocate.

Recruiters are not keen on keeping a long-term relationship with the company, whereas executive recruiters have a retainer client model.

Regular recruiters focused on filling the roles. They do not seem to have any interest in creating long-lasting relationships with the employer. On the contrary, executive recruiters will try to maintain a long-term relationship with an executive search company.

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