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What Is the Best Social Media Platform to Expose Talent?

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Written by fatraven

The talent market is evolving. Both the recruiters as well as job seekers are gradually moving away from the traditional recruitment strategies for good. Though, businesses claim talent acquisition as their topmost priority, finding the right talent to fill roles has become increasingly difficult.

Enter- Social Media Recruitment.

Social media that used to be a not-so-important point in the bulleted list of a marketing presentation, has become a vital part of businesses now.

In an era where the top employers gain an upper hand in finding the best talent, social media recruitment has become an effective recruitment tool for SMEs. Organizations are developing a strong brand by showcasing their culture and work environment. Therefore, attracting the best talent in the job market.

According to recent statistics, 84% of employers in the UK use social media at some point in their recruiting process. This is also a strong indication to the job seekers. Having a strong presence on the popular social media platform will certainly give them an extra edge.

 In this article, we will help you with the best social media platforms to showcase your talent and get hired by your dream company. Read on till the end, we have included bonus information.

Best Social Media Platforms To Enter The New Talent Market

The Four Musketeers:

Be it the recruiters looking to step up their hiring game or the job seekers who want to promote their skill sets and attract more recruiters, these four top social media platforms are best to start with.


Did you know that 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn regularly? With over 740 million users, LinkedIn is hands down the number choice of job seekers and recruiters around the globe. Being innately a professional network, LinkedIn has become a popular screening tool for recruiters who search for the right candidates in this vast talent market. With quick and easy steps, LinkedIn allows job seekers to create their profile with all the relevant information that can apparently act as their resume! Similarly, recruiters can also use the advanced search capabilities of Linkedin to target, screen and validate the right candidates. Another hidden gem is “talent insights” which is a talent market intelligence platform that helps employers to make smarter hiring decisions.


Facebook, the largest and densest network in the world, has earned its place in becoming the topmost recruitment sites among recruiters and job seekers equally. Recruiters can easily place their job advertisements and find active and passive candidates from the talent pool. Companies can use the “Job Openings” feature to display the current job openings for job hunters. Facebook’s job search is another exciting feature that helps job seekers to find the right roles based on location, industry, skill, and job type. Facebook groups allow job seekers as well as companies to grow their network with people of common interest. Certainly, the features of Facebook are exceptionally boundless; making it the most-favoured social media platform for the human resource department.


This micro blogging site has evolved into a powerful networking tool used to promote the professional brand of individuals. It’s an apt platform used by job seekers to participate in discussions related to their areas of expertise. Twitter’s advanced search is one of the most underrated yet powerful features, only if one knows to use it properly. With tweets limited to 140 characters, the incorporation of hashtags makes it easy for the recruiters to reach active and passive candidates. Recruiters also use Twitter to know the interests of candidates and if they can fit into their company culture.


Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms is a revolutionary photo and video sharing app. From artists to photographers, artists to yoga instructors, people around the world are using this app to gain exposure for free. Businesses use Instagram to prompt their brand and attract talent via pictures, videos, and carousels. Likewise, job seekers can create a professional Instagram profile with a compelling bio that states their work profile and skills. Additionally, they can follow their dream company, network, engage, create content and expand their network. Job seekers can certainly use Instagram as an extension of their work portfolio and also to have a glance at a company and its culture.

Hear out, recruiters! Did you know that Source of Hire is indisputably one of the important recruitment metrics? Be it job boards, the company’s career page, social media, sourcing agencies or referral systems, understanding the recruitment sources helps you understand the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts. Want to know the top recruitment metrics you should be tracking? Tap on the link.

 Here’s something we promised!

Bonus: Niche-based social media platform to set your game in this enormous talent market

  • YouTube for videographers, artists and editors
  • GitHub for engineering jobs
  • Behance for designers
  • StackOverFlow for IT roles
  • RallyPoint for military
  • Doximity for healthcare roles

In conclusion, social media platforms are undoubtedly the most powerful and cost-effective recruiting tool. Be it winning the talent battlefront or connecting instantly with the right candidates, strategic online presence has become a vital element to reign this talent market.

And the key to success is finding the right social media strategy.