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What Are the Best HRMS for Tracking Job Applicants?

tracking job applicants
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Posting a job ad is as easy as pie. but is hard part is yet to come. The moment you post the job ad, you start getting numerous job applicants’ entries. Finding the suitable candidates for the interview procedure among these received applicants can be indeed a tiring job—basically, the story of every recruiter out there.

Thanks to technological intervention in the field of the HR management system. Tracking job applicants has been a boon to numerous HR recruiters in automating this daunting task. But what exactly is the applicant tracking system? How do they help in speeding the recruitment process? Which are the best applicant tracking systems available in the market?

We discuss all this and more in this article which is specially curated to help you make the right decision before buying the applicants tracking system for your agency or company.

What are the applicants tracking system?

Applicants tracking system or ATS is a software tool that automates candidate sourcing, collection sorting and evaluation. Using this tool makes the daunting process of recruitment and hiring effortless.

What’s the benefit of applicants tracking system?

ATS eases the tedious process of sorting and scanning through the applicants. This software tool gathers all the applicant’s information either from direct form filling or through a third party portal such as Indeed or Yello. Its unique features allow the employer to easily segregate the candidates who are eligible from those who aren’t.

The significant benefits of the applicants tracking system are that it diminishes the recruitment costs as the number of person-hours spent on scanning through the applicants is saved. Then it also allows the recruiter or employer to post the job ad on various sites, hence enhancing the reach of your job post without worrying about the number of applicants you receive.

Above all, applicants tracking system systemizes and improves the quality of your recruitment process.

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Top 5 Applicants Tracking System – Best of the Best

Be it recruiters on LinkedIn or direct employers, finding the best applicants tracking system for your business is quintessential. Let’s take a look at the top five ATS that will help you filter the right one for your company.


Pinpoint is #1 on our list for numerous reasons. This is a robust ATS with unique features. It is an excellent tool for companies and may not be suitable for recruitment agencies due to the missing part for client management. They also allow building a career website of your own not to have to rely on third-party recruiters. You can quickly post a job on multiple boards, conduct social media ads, customize and automate the interview process, and build your talent pools.


With over 5000+ customers, BreezyHR is attributed to the simple and interactive user interface. Due to this fact, this applicants tracking system is a popular choice of first time ATS users. It is cloud-enabled, allows customizing, and lets easy automation of the assessment process. This super ATS takes all those time taking tasks to focus on what matter- finding the suitable candidates.


BambooHR is a complete HRIS packed with excellent features, ATS being one of them. This tool helps in the hiring process and aids in systemizing the entire life cycle of the employee. BambooHR is your all-in-one employee management tool, from hiring to time tracking and payroll processing to compensation preparation.

Zoho Recruit:

Zoho Recruit by Zoho simplifies the hiring process to multitudes. This is the perfect solution for small and medium businesses. It enables an effortless recruitment process to post the job, manage the candidates, keep tracking clients and contacts, etc., through a single platform.

This tool is completely customizable, letting you add fields, columns or buttons of your interest. Zoho Recruit also allows gathering resumes from social media. So this tool is an absolute favourite among recruiters on LinkedIn as it lets you easily track applicants from any portal.


An AI-based recruitment software tool systemizes the hiring process from start to finish. It is easy to use and is packed with unique features such as automating the recruitment process, customizing options, compliance tools, AI-based recommendations, social media recruitment, CRM, API and third-party integration and more.

ATS is a must for any business for a faster and effective hiring process. But you must choose the right one after much deliberation.

So, have you used any of the above applicants tracking system? We would love to hear about your experience.