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What are the ways To Find Email Addresses Of A Company in Seconds

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Written by fatraven

Finding an email ID of a prospect can be time-consuming. Finding emails are the most personal and professional ways to reach out to the leads, opportunities to lead any successful sales. Though new and updated strategies have taken over the marketing field, nothing can ever replace email marketing.

There are various combinations to find the email address of a person. So we at fatraven are presenting to you the quickest way to find the email addresses of companies or prospects (in less than 60 seconds!). Yes, you heard that right. But before getting into that, we have also decided to discuss a few tried and tested ways to find email addresses to launch your campaign efficiently. Below we have given some tips to find the prospect’s email..

How to find someone’s company email address

1. Search on Google

Try typing this on Google: + [name] + contact + [name] + email

You will be surprised to see some leads popping right in front of your eyes. This simple trick can be an amazing contact finder for your prospects.

2. Check their website

If you have their website URL, then go to the contact or about us/me page. Most of the companies have their general contact email id on the contact us/me page. While some other companies may even have their entire team’s email ids on the about us page where they list their team members.

3. Search on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional network where people generally display their email ids for better connections and leads. LinkedIn, at times, requires you to have the email address of the person with whom you wish to connect. So there are high chances that people can leave their email addresses to make better connections. Another way to find the email ids is through the “Export LinkedIn Connections” option. You can export all your contacts with their email addresses in the form of a spreadsheet.

4. Use Twitter’s advanced search

Twitter is also a place where people share their email addresses. Go to the advanced search option. Under the “words” section, look for “all of these words”. Instead of “@” type “at” and “.” in the place of “dot”. Also in the “from these accounts” type their Twitter handle. You will astonish to see amazing results,

5. Use their subscription

Never underestimate their website’s subscription. Suppose if the company or person of your interest has a website but with no email ids mentioned anywhere. Then you can always sign for their newsletters which will help you find their email id easily (right into your inbox).

Lastly, here’s what we promised!

Use our AI-Powered Email Finder tool to find the email address of a company in 60 seconds

Now finding an email address can never be a daunting task. With our email finder tool, you can easily generate enough leads for your email campaign. All you have to do is input the company domain. And in less than 60 seconds we will let you find professional email addresses and connect with the people that matter for your business.

Find Prospects’ Email!


So here out, staffing agencies and recruiters! Make the best use of our email finder tool for hot leads that are delivered right into your inbox.