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Written by fatraven

The job market has become more competitive than ever. Finding the right job is no longer an easy game. With tons of applicants, it becomes tougher and daunting to beat the competition. But let us first ask you a question, what kind of job searching process do you follow? Most would say:

First, find a job.

Second, send resumes.

Third, wait for the interviewer to call for an interview.

Fourth, repeat the entire process until you land a job.

If this is your strategy, then we would say, it’s high time you rethink before it’s too late. The above-mentioned process may not help you much, except for some lucky ones, for sure. As a focused job seeker, you will be required to develop a job searching strategy.

Yes, you heard that right. Creating a job search strategy will not only help your job hunting process to be less tiresome but also aid in getting more job offers. Hence, fatraven has decided to make job seekers aware of 6 must-follow strategies to land their next gig in this ever-growing job market. Read on to know more.

What are the 5 strategies you must follow to get hired in this competitive job market?

Before you start your search, become aware of the kind of job you want. Is it a 9-5 job that interests you? Or are you more fond of freelancing? Do you want to work for a private firm or government agency? Are you looking for flexible work offs or do weekend offs serve right for you? Try to ask these questions to find what exactly you are looking for. This is a major part of formulating the foundation of your job search.

Job Searching Strategy #1- Build your custom portfolio:

Create a detailed portfolio with samples of your previous work experiences. Add all the relevant information that depicts your expertise to the employer. Creating a cover letter is equally important as it helps the hiring manager know about you in a quick glance. Additionally, having a website is always considered the best way to depict your work experience.

Job Searching Strategy #2- Grow and use your network wisely:

Networking is the key. Attend industry events in the UK and make the most of the networking opportunities you get. Networking is extremely important in understanding the latest trends in your area of interest. These days a lot of networking events in the UK happen virtually allowing you to explore more options.

 Job Searching Strategy #3- Make proper use of social media, especially LinkedIn:

Another way of networking is through social media. Become active on LinkedIn as most employers come to search on this platform to know more about the prospective candidates. Being active on LinkedIn will also help you in keeping in touch with other people of similar interest. Also, did you know most of the recruiters use LindkedIn’s talent market insights for direct access to real-time data on talent pools? Thus, it is undoubtedly vital that you have a professional and strong profile on LinkedIn.

Job Searching Strategy #4- Apply through the right job boards:

There is no dearth of job boards available online. Find the right one that suits your needs. Consider looking for job boards that are industry-specific or job-type specific. You must also use the right keywords in these job search engines. This technique is fruitful to get the relevant job listings.

Job Searching Strategy #5- Prepare for your job interview:

Needless to mention, you must stay well-prepared for your interview. These strategies mentioned above are surely your way to get a gig. But the real deal that will help you land a job offer is certainly the job interview. Another important tip is to never forget to follow up post-interview.

To Conclude With…

Developing effective strategies are an important part of your job search. We hope these 6 strategies stated above can be useful in finding your dream job. Let us know what other job searching strategies do you use? We would love to hear from you.

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