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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Education Sector and Education Recruitment Agencies

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Written by fatraven

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Evidently, COVID-19 has changed the entire paradigm of every industry in the world. The recruitment sector has been no exception here. These uncertain and unprecedented times have caused a major scarcity of jobs that the current generation hasn’t seen in a long time. But as they say, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Fortunately, the recovery has happened. And the job market is booming and almost back to normalcy.

One may wonder “how exactly is it booming?”. Well, we say, how about some numbers for a widened perspective?

In this blog, fatraven has decided to let our readers have an insight into the pre and post COVID recruitment trends in the education sector. We are using our all-in-one Talent Market Analytics to represent these insights that use data and business intelligence in the education sector recruitment.

We would certainly cover the other major sectors in the due course of time, so please follow this space for a comprehensive overview of the entire job sector. So let’s get started with the education sector recruitment.

The Changing Paradigm of the Education Sector

Some of the common job positions in the education sectors come under academic, administrative, corporate relations, e-learning, elementary education, and formal/informal education.

Here are the Top 20 titles in the education industry that are in high demand:

  • 1. Teaching assistant
  • 2. SEN teaching assistant
  • 3. Learning support assistant
  • 4. Primary teacher
  • 5. English teacher
  • 6. Maths Teacher
  • 7. Science teacher
  • 8. Supply staff
  • 9. Level-3 early years educator
  • 10. SEN teacher 
  • 11. Graduate teaching assistant
  • 12. KS2 teacher
  • 13. Level 2 early years educator
  • 14. Childcare assistant/ Nannies/ Tutors/ Maids
  • 15. Geography teacher
  • 16. KS1 teacher
  • 17. Trainee teaching assistant
  • 18. SEND teaching assistant
  • 19. Tutor
  • 20. Class teacher

The support staff recruitment in the education industry was seen on the rise due to COVID-19 restrictions. This shows that the labour market has become highly variable. There is high demand in some sectors while others experience extreme depreciation.

Pre COVID – The Steadiness Before the Unseen Storm

Jan 2020 labour Market Education Sector

According to, “November 2019 to January 2020 saw the first quarterly increase in the number of vacancies, after eleven consecutive quarterly falls, but remains high in historical terms”. Before the first case of COVID-19 in the UK (January 31, 2020), there were around 19,550 job postings in the education sector.

Post COVID – The Historic Dip Ever Since 2001

According to, “February to April 2020 saw the largest quarterly decrease to the vacancies total since the current time series started in 2001.” With the entire hiring industry badly hit, the education sector also had its own miseries.

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Labour Market Overview (Education Q2 2020)

Q2 2020 labour Market Education Sector

In the second quarter (Q2, 2020), i.e, April to June 2020, the estimated level of vacancies has decreased by approximately -43.8%, after the implementation of coronavirus social distancing measures. 

Market Overview by Agency/Direct

Unable to adjust to the market we continue to see Agencies posting more vacancies than the Direct companies with 14K (49.5%) and 15K (50.5%) Direct and Agency postings respectively.

Labour Market Overview (Education Q3 2020)

Q3 2020 labour Market Education Sector

In the third quarter (Q3, 2020), i.e, July to September 2020, a rise of 23.0% was seen in the estimated vacancies for August 2020. The total number of jobs generated in the education sector increased from 29K to 37K in Q3 compared to Q2 (previous 92 days)

Market Overview by Agency/Direct

We also see the same trend of Agency postings beating Direct postings where the labour market consists of 47.7%(17K) and 52.3%(19K) of Direct and Agency postings respectively

Labour Market Overview (Education Q4 2020)

Q4 2020 labour Market Education Sector

In the fourth quarter (Q4, 2020), the total number of jobs generated in the education sector increased from 37K to 47K (approx.) from October to December 2020.

Market Overview by Agency/Direct

The trend that continued for the past 3 quarters switches resulting in more direct posting jobs and agencies trying to cope with the demand and taking a reactive approach more than half a quarter later. Get Real-time data-driven insights into the labour market.

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2021 Good News – The Surge is happening and it’s here to stay!​ ​

In the year 2021, thankfully, with the job market picking up pace, an exponential jump close to the pre-COVID era has been achieved in the education sector recruitment. And we all hope that it sustains and soars.

According to “In February 2021 to April 2021, the estimated number of vacancies reached its highest level since January 2020 to March 2020 (which is a pre-coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic period), with growth picking up in the most recent quarterly estimates.” 

Out of 79,461 total jobs, the education sector has a share of 4.0% and 67.7% growth in the past three months (April – June 2021). This rise can be attributed to the government’s effort in increasing the vaccination drives and easing down the lockdown restrictions. 

Q2 2021-01 labour Market Education Sector

Upon conducting a regional labour market analysis of education sector recruitment, it was found that the number of vacancies is at its highest in the London area with a total share of 24.4%,followed by South East England ( 14.7% total share), and North West (England) (11.4% total share).

distribution by region

From April- June 2021, the total jobs generated in the education sector were 68,471 in which London alone holds a share of 4,016 jobs. There is a whopping 162.7% spike in the growth rate of jobs in the education sector in the South West region, 100.3% in South East and 100.1% in the East of England when compared to the previous period (i.e Jan – March 2021).

opportunity Q2 2021

The opportunities for staffing agencies has doubled by 20K jobs reaching a whopping 45,898 jobs in the second quarter indicating that there is a lot of opportunity in the open market in the education sector to grow more.  

The future of Education Sector Recruitment

With the help of our data analytics, we conducted a sectoral labour market analysis that depicts some interesting findings of the future of education sector recruitment. As per the data, with 68.1% growth, the Computer and IT sector hold the 7th position in the overall talent market. 7 out of 10 top companies in the average 0-49 postings group that have posted jobs in this realm belong to the Ed-tech sector. This only means that the pandemic has certainly reshaped the landscape of education.

Unquestionably, post-COVID, the digitalisation of the education sector can be seen accelerated. And so will be the number of job vacancies emerging in this sector.

We hope this article has given you the required insights to understand the pre and post COVID recruitment in the education sector. Do you think we have missed out on something? Help us know in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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