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How to Transform an Internal Recruiting Strategy?

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Did you know that the number of job vacancies has outnumbered the number of skilled workers? A majority of HR leaders face this challenge in maintaining business continuity.

For a long time, recruiters have relied on external recruiting only to fill roles. But in the past year when the pandemic halted the entire human industry, HR leaders and recruiters had to look for other ways to keep their organisation running. That’s when internal recruiting came to the rescue.

In this article, we at fatraven have decided to explain in detail internal recruitment in HRM and how to implement the best strategies in the competitive market.

What is internal recruiting?

In plain simple language, internal recruitment is nothing but hiring from within the organisation. When an organisation looks to fill their job vacancies by hiring their existing employees, it is called internal recruitment. This process is now used proactively by various organisations across the globe to fill their skill gaps.

Ways to conduct internal recruiting in your organisation

Following are the types of internal hiring that are usually seen across various companies:

  • Promotion

A widely used internal recruitment type that boost the employees’ career path and also fills the required position

  • Transfer

At times, organisations deploy their employees to carry out the same job in another location for them. Transfers are also a popular internal recruitment type.

  • Permanent staff conversion

Converting a temporary staff into a permanent position is also a type of internal recruitment

  • Employee referrals

One of the most underrated recruitment strategies is using employee referrals. It is pacing up in becoming one of the cost-effective ways of filling roles in a company.

Key tactics to leverage internal recruiting in your organisation

Internal recruitment not only reduces the time and cost involved in training new employees but also boosts your employees’ morale by helping them grow in their career path. You can also avoid employee turnover by giving them additional roles and better salary packages. Though this is easier said than done, there are a few things that organisations need to do for proper and beneficial implementation of internal recruitment. Let’s discuss the same below:

Assessing your companies talent profiles on a regular basis

Analyse your employees’ skills by keeping track of their performances. This helps you know who are the best performers with the required skills-sets. So when it’s time to recruit you to know exactly whom to look for.

Make the whole organisation aware of internal recruitment and its perks

Let a member in your organisation take the responsibility of making everyone promote internet recruiting as the best strategy to fill roles. This awareness will also make your employees train themselves to fill their skill gaps. And move to the vacant job when required.

Set up a clear and concise internal recruitment process

Internal recruitment is not any different from other recruitment. So when you’re hiring internally, make sure to have a complete and detailed process in place. This will avoid you from having any confusion later on. 

Develop a culture where management and employees can talk about their career aspirations

Mostly it is seen that managers stay reluctant in letting their best performer be taken by another department. The organisation must understand the importance of internal recruitment. Keeping their employees tied up in a single department will have them leave the organisation for better opportunities. Having a culture where employees can discuss their career goals is extremely vital.


Be it a hiring freeze or talent shortage, internal recruiting has helped organisations stay on the helm in this competitive market. Internal recruitment certainly is the best example that states people are the best assets of a company. Don’t you think? Let us know what other strategies have you used to transform your internal recruitment? We would love to hear your opinions and ideas.

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