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How to Handle Hiring in a Strong Labour Market?

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Written by fatraven

Talent hunting has become tougher than ever. Attracting new and efficient talent requires effective strategies in this tight labour market.

If your company is still sticking to the recruiting strategies used 10 years ago, then we are sure you may be facing issues like unfilled vacancies, declined customer services, staff burnout etc.

Well, talent is out there. You just need the right tactics to attract the best candidates to your company. If you don’t change your strategies, then your competitor will secure them  before you.

In this article, we at fatraven will discuss the strategies to lure potential candidates to your company. These tips will not only help you get the best fit but also give you an extra edge over your competitors.

Create an Employment Brand- Tip #1 to hire the best talent in the tough labour market:

You may have heard of the company brand. But have you heard of employment brand? Through the employment brand you can convey your company image to the prospective candidates. It’s an amazing way to attract new talent by displaying how it is to work with you and how well you treat and support your employees.

The major elements of your employment brands are creating a culture of continuous employment, a great balance between great management and productivity, clear core values and mission and also communicating it, gaining external validation, letting your employees tell the story, etc. Let your employment brand speak of the vibrant culture that your employees can enjoy.

Market Yourself Creatively- Tip #2 to hire the best talent in the tough labour market:

Now that you have an employment brand. Market it. Let everyone see you inside out. Do a video crafting a creative message. Videos have the potential to go even viral. Make your ads vibrant, add some creative elements to catch everyone’s attention.

Rethink Your Minimum Requirements-Tip #3 to hire the best talent in the tough labour market:

Do you need that masters for your current job vacancy? It’s important to focus on the skills also. You can always hire candidates who fit your culture and train them on the job. They would not only remain with you for a long time but also become your valuable assets. You must also try polishing your job description. Make it more raw and honest.

Widen Your Search- Tip #4 to hire the best talent in the tough labour market:

Go beyond the job boards. The mere throwing of ads on various job boards will not work anymore. Though job boards are essential, they may be helpful to reach those active candidates only. Use social media, employee referrals and other networking platforms to achieve the net result. Attend job fairs and network with people outside your industry.

Talk Attractive Packages Early- Tip #5 to hire the best talent in the tough labour market:

Don’t hold on till then end to discuss the salary. Because there are high chances that you may lose that best match to some other organisation who just did. 

To avoid that, tell them what they will get beforehand. And also if there is any scope for negotiation. If you really think that a candidate can be your best match then go ahead with salary talks quite early in your discussions.

Focus On Your Present Employees- Tip #6 to hire the best talent in the tough labour market:

Now while trying all these strategies, do not forget to develop your present employees. Train them with the latest skills. Give them the productive environment that they deserve. Because your present employees have the potential to become your best brand ambassadors. 

Today’s competitive labour market certainly requires you to work harder to find the right fit. But we are sure these efforts will pay off as it helps you sustain your business better.

Have we missed any strategies? To help us know. We would love to hear your suggestions.