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180 Degree & 360 Degree Recruitment Process Explained

180 Degree & 360 Degree Recruitment Process Explained
Written by fatraven

What is 180° Recruitment?

This model of recruitment business splits the traditional model into two spheres – Business Development and Candidate Sourcing. Most recruiters opt for the latter over the former and tend to walk the lane of candidate sourcing. These recruiters are called ‘Delivery Consultants’. This role is a good option for newcomers or anyone at the entry level. The role helps newbies understand the nuances of recruitment, source candidates, create a strong candidate pipeline, negotiate and convince candidates, and the other tasks associated with it.

However, this role acts as a supporting role to the 360°-recruiting team. There is more to recruitment than just sourcing candidates, though it is one of the main tasks attributing to the industry’s success.

The recruiter’s role ends once the candidates are sourced for the relevant roles and passed on to the client for shortlisting.

A word of advice to the newcomers who go in for such roles; while this role might not have too much growth or career path defined, it is pertinent to join an organization that represents the success path.

What is 360° Recruitment?

360° recruitment covers the entire lifecycle of recruitment and delivers a more complete and holistic solution to any business’s hiring needs.

This role encompasses the whole hog of understanding the clients’ needs and serving them with suitable candidates. Over and above that, going the extra mile with the client is critical to business success.

This role is quite demanding. It requires a host of skills from Business Development Skills, Negotiation Skills, Stake Holder Management and many other skills. All these skills are invariably crucial to the role, like being organized and well planned.

Meeting the client’s business needs is the most critical task here. Client Interfacing Skills plays a vital role here as it helps maintain a close business working relationship with the clients.

This paves the way for the Recruitment Agency to operate as an extended business division of the clients’ business. As a result, they have a clear vision of their recruitment needs.

Many professionals prefer these roles as it is rewarding with its stellar commission-based schemes apart from the salaries they take home. It also offers career progression and excellent growth opportunities.

The advantage of the 360°-recruitment process are:

  • There is a high likelihood of the client returning to you
  • They have less stress and effort than the 180°-recruitment model.

The advantage of the 180°-recruitment process are:

  • The 180° model requires the client to handle the entire interview process and onboarding as well.
  • The consultants working on the job roles have more time to provide quality candidates and coach them for the interview process.

As a business which process would you prefer? We would love to hear from you!

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