AI-Powered Business Development

Our web application provides near real-time and daily updates of the latest job vacancies. It is a lead generation software which acts as a one-stop shop for all recruiters. Recruiters who looks for scaling up their business development has scope.
Furthermore, it helps recruiters from identifying vacancies along with the volume of business they can expect to sourcing leads and receiving job alerts to their inbox. This application is a hassle-free process where you get hot leads to the inbox on a daily basis. Moreover, it enables every user with the ability to customize their own personalized feed on the app.
It has near real-time dashboards, showcasing data from the dynamic Talent market statistics. This tool also assists you to adapt to the ever-changing market trends to tailor make your business goals.
fatraven makes your business development simple! Our web application offers a suite of recruitment related data and provides access to near to real time data from a wide range of 63 million data points.