About fatraven

Are you looking at increasing your ROI by getting the right insights about the talent market? When was the last time you had a range of accurate data to answer some of your questions regarding your business? Don’t you think that you would make a smart decision based on the current facts as well as accurate data? Lastly, would it not help you to arrive at a global proposition for your business needs.

Your search ends here!

Our product ‘fatraven’, is an AI-based Recruitment Analytics and Talent Market Intelligence software. This product brings viable solutions to meet all your talent market-based queries. It is also very capable of giving a holistic view of valuable information,  From post-pandemic market recovery to business trends and much more in the labour market, a lot can be delivered through our product.

fatraven helps organizations to scale their businesses by using comprehensive Recruitment Analytics and Talent Market Intelligence software. Our aim is to offer our bespoke products and services and deliver valuable information and factual insights about the current Talent Market demands to the following segments.