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What You'll Find Inside:

What You'll Find Inside:

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Talent Market Intelligence

Labour Market Intelligence Designed for Decision-Makers.

Salary Benchmarking

Salary Benchmarking Tool for Strategic Talent Planning.

fatraven Spotter

AI-Powered Business Development Tool for Vacancy Leads.

What Is Labour Market Data?

We collect labour market data in near-real-time. We scan job boards, job aggregators and company websites multiple times every day. It gives you the latest job market information in real-time.

fatraven analytics uses cutting edge machine learning. It identifies the specific needs of recruiters combined with proprietary algorithms. It gives conclusive data that can provide actionable insights into the recruitment world for decision-makers and recruiters alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Labour Market Analytics sometimes also referred to as Job market, Talent Market, Human capital or Human Resource Analytics, is the process of analysing the demand and supply of Human capital in the Talent Market.

fatraven being the biggest aggregator of the job market with 3+million jobs on a monthly basis is able to deliver precise and real-time Talent market analytics.

The ever-changing trend of salaries in the UK can be tracked by collecting a sample set of overall salaries and sorting them by region, sector and job title. The average of salaries for the particular region, sector or job title can be considered as the average pay for that given period.

Labour Market Analytics provides actionable insights to decision-makers of recruitment agencies in regions such as Competitors, Market opportunities, Job board analysis and Salary benchmarking. This, in turn can help them run their recruitment business more effectively.

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